Lulu is a photographer, writer, poet, occasional model and actress, but mostly just a very friendly human creating across a wide variety of mediums.

Her work both written and visual, emphasizes a nurturing and deep connection with nature and also for our communities. She is an advocate for comprehensive mental healthcare, and often writes openly about grief after losing her cherished fiancee Ben to a completed suicide attempt in the late summer of 2016.

She has worked internationally and throughout the United States for individuals, small businesses, artisans, wedding clients and companies such as Pure Art, Land Rover, and 5 Knights Productions. She brings a sensitive and romantic eye to portraiture, documentary work and styling, with a penchant for rich film-like colors and dreamy atmospheres.

She lives by the sea in Cape Cod with her beloved partner and pets, and works throughout New England and New York. She loves caring for all kinds of plants and animals, exploring in the woods or along the coast, playing video games and experiencing new cultures through travel.