Oh hello there!

I'm a young photographer, writer, and poet living by the sea in Cape Cod with my beloved partner and our sweet and silly pets.

Though I’ve tried my hand at many mediums and dearly love them all, I focus specifically in emotional portraiture and self-portraiture photography. I’m passionate about creating honest, natural work that resonates deeply with the viewer and weaves a story that’s often left open to interpretation. I’m eternally curious about the connections we have to the natural world around us, and also the ones we have with ourselves and the people around us, and seek to create work emphasizing those relationships.

I’ve been fortunate to create branding work for artisans brands, larger companies like Land Rover, documentary photographs for charitable foundations and for individual creatives and small business owners. I am eternally enthusiastic for other people and working alongside them to develop inspirational work that perfectly highlights their craft!

I also shoot a small number of weddings and events annually and bring a romantic eye to those special occasions, along with detailed attention to what makes each couple, business or individual unique. I am honored to create tailored wedding and engagement work that moves at a gentle pace and is a loving reflection of your story and bond.

I believe in bringing my whole heart to everything I do.

I believe in unveiling the magic inherent in you, your relationships and your environment.

I believe in creating a friendly, relaxing and personalized atmosphere that you can shine in without pressure or rush. Having your photo taken doesn’t always feel easy, but I’m here for you! Let’s create together in a way that feels right and honoring.

I believe in writing honestly and warmly with reverence for language and crafting a story so visceral and real that you could disappear into it.

Most of all, I believe in all of us. I’m so happy you came this way and I welcome the chance to get to know you and your visions!