Kiera and Cory Get Married

Kiera and Cory’s wedding day started on the most beautiful sunny June morning while their guests wound their way up through the green hills to the Marble House Project in lovely Dorset, Vermont.

The Marble House Project is an artists and workshop residency program nestled into the backdrop of an organic farm with a gorgeous rock quarry, gardens and open fields surrounded by the towering Vermont hills.

Every inch of space just swells with the perfect and inimitable Vermont charm and summertime magic, and I found my lovely Kiera and her bridesmaids busily getting ready in the barn, with light pouring in the windows and the flower gardens waving in the sun below.

I’ve been friends with Kiera since we were in kindergarten together and have been in adoring awe of her since I was only five! She has always been an extraordinarily kind, bright, funny and clear-eyed person who cares so much for the people around her and who also has a keen eye for beauty, design, and elegant yet genuine storytelling and details. Kiera is well-traveled and cultured, with an easy knack for gaining friends wherever she goes, and is an amazing writer and producer.

Her love Cory is just as kind, funny, and full of sweet and thoughtful charm. They are both so loved within their wide communities and their love for each other runs wonderfully deep. I started the day feeling a little nervous because I wanted to so perfectly capture every frame of the beautiful touches they had created together for the day and for their guests, and also deeply at ease and joyful because of their incredible kindness and their generosity and trusting natures. They are truly not only a shining and inspiring married couple, but also the very best of friends with each other and I so hoped to be able to share what makes them Kiera and Cory- so unique and universally adored.

Their wedding day was so full of life and vibrant colors and people. Each little touch in the grounds and spaces were so carefully crafted and thought out, and every detail that I stumbled across spoke perfectly to me of Kiera and Cory and who they are.

I confess that I cried a couple of different times watching the specialness just unfold around us and envelope everyone who was there. Watching Cory and his best men getting ready in a little cabin by the water, tying and retying ties for each other and pinning on boutonnieres while I knew Kiera was just as nervous and excited in the big barn waiting below in the valley made me smile so hard my cheeks hurt.

Their day was just so full of the most precious moments and memories- a perfect breeze rustling across the seated crowd to Kiera and Cory while their dear friend played a Native drum and sang for them, the sweet hug that Kiera’s dad gave to her at the end of the aisle, the way her girlfriends gasped when she emerged from getting dressed in her gorgeous wedding clothes… everywhere I looked there was an unforgettable scene of love and celebration for this amazing couple, so that I can hardly find the words to describe it well enough.

We love you dear Kiera and Cory! Thank you for entrusting me with recording the vision of your most beautiful wedding day and the love you so treasure for each other and your family and friends. I’ll always remember what it was like to be there with you and your community just soaking in the glory of you and all that you’ve created together.