Rainy Day in the Community Gardens
Baby tomatoes soaking up the fresh rainfall 

Baby tomatoes soaking up the fresh rainfall 

For the past two days it rained, at times in huge curtains and sheets of water and at times in the softest mist that formed tiny droplets on everything it fell on. The dark mornings and heavy downpours kept me curled up in bed but by the early afternoon the rain was gentle and the hills were coated in a fog that lured me out the door in my little duck boots to see how the garden was growing.

At home in Putney across from the beautiful little Co-Op where I work there is a massive garden tended to by a dozen different members of the community. Each person has their very own plot to fill to their hearts content with flowers or herbs or veggies or any sort of plant they love best, and each plot is overflowing with so much sweetness. There are long rows of happy raspberry bushes swarming with honeybees and tall stalks of sunflowers nodding under the misty skies.

As far as the eye can see there are veggies weaving in and out of tidy pathways and lavender, lemongrass and snapdragons luring visitors to their hiding spots. My sweet roommate Kelty was there picking lemon basil and beet greens for dinner and I spent almost an hour meandering around the rows of good green growing things which had all perked up under the fresh rain.

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